Wisdom’s Daughters

Wisdom’s Daughters is a women’s group whose mission is to facilitate each woman’s spiritual growth and to foster a sense of fellowship among women as we each progress along our spiritual journey. 

Wisdom’s Daughters provides exposure to a variety of resources which may be used in developing a spiritual practice. We offer opportunities to experience and practice methods which help us look inward and connect to God’s divine presence.

This is a self-guided laywomen’s group intended to support each other in our journey toward inner awakening and listening/responding to God’s spirit. Individual group members are encouraged to contribute ideas, materials, resources, and personal experiences and traditions to enrich our individual and collective spiritual journeys.

Come join in!

Wisdom’s Daughters meets every two weeks in the parlor from 5:30 to 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted.  Women of all ages are welcome to review and discuss spiritual topics, practice prayer and meditation techniques, enjoy fellowship together, and provide support for each other’s spiritual practice.


“A traditional and nurturing church celebrating God’s grace through reason, education, diversity, inclusion, and social justice.”