We would like you to become a new member!

Let’s have a conversation.

If after you’ve visited with us and decide you’d like to join our First Congregational Church family, we invite you to join us for one of our Membership Conversations.

Membership conversations are held after church on selected Sundays throughout the year, and are led by members of First Congregational and one of our ministers. These are times to share a bit about who we are, where we’ve come from, and ask any questions that you may have.

Once you make the decision to join the church you may either call or email the church office as given at the bottom of the page, or contact Debbie Schaffer at schaffer.debbie@gmail.com or 407-782-8909.

You will be asked to complete a Membership Profile Form and turn it in to the church office. Click on the button below to download an editable form. Fill it out with any pdf application* and mail, email, or bring to our office. Address and contact information are in the bottom of this page.

* Adobe Acrobat pdf application is standard on most computers and available free in app stores.

Membership Sundays

Membership Sundays are a time of joy and celebration when we receive our new members into the First Congregational Church family during a short moment during worship. New members receive a greeting from the congregation as we go to be in Fellowship Hall after worship for our coffee hour.

The meaning of membership

When someone becomes a member here at First Congregational Church it means a few things:

  • Participating regularly in worship – a full house is a happy house!
  • Sharing in the various learning and fellowship groups at FCCWP – this is a special place to journey with one another in faith, fellowship and friendship!
  • The ability to serve on one FCCWP’s many committees –  come and share your gifts to benefit the life and work of FCCWP. Our FCCWP Family’s involvement is what makes us special!Being a voice and having a vote about what happens in the life of FCCWP – everyone plays a part!
  • Helping us tell others about the special place that FCCWP is – our church grows in large part by our current Family telling others about us and inviting them to join us!
  • Involvement in outreach to others – we have a heart of mission here at FCCWP, and we love it when everyone gets involved in living the Message of “Loving Our Neighbors As Ourselves”

The giving of ourselves in Stewardship –

At First Congregational Church we make all the great things that happen here through our own giving.  We take care of our FCCWP household and family through the loving and prayerful giving of our resources: both material and spiritual.  We love our church and listen to Jesus’ words when he tells us, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”


“A traditional and nurturing church celebrating God’s grace through reason, education, diversity, inclusion, and social justice.”